Hive Fleet Furies

Hive Fleet Furies

It is theorized that hive fleet furies exists to consume remnants of destroyed Tyranid fleets in an effort to discover the weaknesses that led to the failure of the fleet. Furies normally strike in locations that have previously halted or repelled incursions. These sites even with the benefit of having faced this xenos threat before always incur substantial, even total losses. Once the site has been successfully overcome by the xenos and cleared of biomass the fleet withdraws. This behavior is contrary to every other hive fleet encountered to date.

The few reports from survivors indicate a shift in tactics and weapons employed by the fleet. Veterans seem very susceptible to believing they know how to successfully fight the threat only to discover previous experience working against them. The fleet designated furies has developed a unique coloring making it difficult to tell when the threat has been eliminated. The color mimics flame and damage to the xenos. This has resulted in units with solid fire discipline changing targets before the first target has been fully eliminated. By the time the unit has discovered their error and switched back to the target the horde behind the target has had a chance to get closer. Unit fire discipline starts to break down and more fire is put into targets than needed allowing the horde behind the target again to get closer with the delay of switching targets and increasing the chance of the unit's ammunition reserves running out.

It is unknown if information gathered from hive fleet furies is shared with other fleets. This could prove to be one of the largest threats yet seen by the Tyranid. With the rapid evolution of the xenos race combined with knowledge of how to counter every adjustment we make in fighting them we can expect each incursion to be significantly harder to stop. This could also provide an opportunity to provide miss-intelligence to the xenos.

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