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Q: What was the armour save for a terminator in second edition warhammer 40,000?
A: 3+ on 2D6 . [Angels of Death Codex (or any other Marine Codex) ]

Q: What item was Ibram Gaunt given by his uncle to remember his father?
A: His ring. [Abnett, Dan (2000). First and Only]

Q: What is the standard armourment of a Baal Predetor?
A: Twin-link assault cannon and two heavy flamer side sponsons. [Blood Angels Codex ]

Q: What are the two AP values for a particle whip?
A: AP2 and AP1 at the center. It's one of the only template weapons you can snipe with. You must place the hole over a target and even though your opponent can move it, they must have the same number of models under the template to do so. That makes it a little more tricky to not take that AP 1 hit on your character cowering in the squad. [Necron Codex ]

Q: Who was the Captain of the 10th Company of Luna Wolves?
A: Garviel Loken [Abnett, Dan. Horus Rising ]

Q: What is the technology behind things like bolters, rhinos, and lasguns that the Adeptus Mechanicus maintains a near-monopoly of and rewards well for finding?
A: Standard Template Constructs [Abnett, Dan (2000). First and Only]

Q: How many Carnifex are allowed in a 1200 point game using one force organization chart?
A: 3 (The rule for taking Carnifex as elite units doesn't apply until the game is 1500 points or more) [Tyranid Codex]

Q: What first founding chapter suffers from "The Black Rage"?
A: The Blood Angels [Blood Angels Codex]

Q: What specific structure survived the distruction of Caliban?
A: The Tower of Angels [Thorpe, Gav (2003). Angels of Darkness]